The current lash trend that everyone’s raving about. Longer, fuller lashes without the glue. Apply easily (by yourself) anywhere anytime and re-use multiple times. It’s a yes from us.

    • Easy to use- no more glue or adhesives


    • Easy to remove


    • Reusable- can be worn multiple times


    • Vegan synthetic lash fibres


    • Lashes can be cut to desired size


    • Convenient storage case with mirror


    • Waterproof


    • Vegan Friendly


    • Not tested on Animals


    • No up keep Costs


    • No damaging of your Eyelashes


    • Easily applied to eyes with no lashes

This Kit Includes:

1 x Magnetic Eyelash Set (of your choice)

1 x Magnetic Eyeliner



Charmer, Sweet Jungle, Knockout, Sweet Heart, Miami, Shortie, Fierce, Mistaken, Think Twice, Girl Boss, Heart Breaker, Dancing Queen, Dasha, KoKo




  1. Shake Silk Magnetic Eyeliner bottle before use
  2. Always seal bottle after us
  3. Before you apply the Silk Magnetic Eyelashes bend to your eye shape & cut to shape if required

How to Apply:

  1. Carefully draw eyeliner line along your eye shape, make sure you extend the liner to the end, ensure the line is close to the roots of your real eyelash. If you have no eyelashes just follow your lash line
  2. Take the end tip of your Silk Magnetic Eyelash hair with tweezers or fingers, place it above your real eyelash, make the magnets band together slowly and connect with eyeliner line before it has dried. If the eyeliner has dried just add more
  3. Gently adjust until the Silk Fibre Magnetic Eyelash is perfectly placed

CAUTION: Rinse out with warm water immediately if product enters the eye



How long do the Silk Magnetic Lashes Last?
The Silk Magnetic Lashes are re-useable and are very long lasting

What are the Silk Lashes made from?
The Silk Magnetic Lashes are made from Silk Vegan Fibre

Do I need to use Glue to apply the Silk Magnetic Lashes?
No – No glue is required … just the Magnetic Eyeliner!

What are the most Natural looking lashes from the complete range?
The most natural looking Silk Magnetic Lashes are: Dasha, KoKo & Shortie

Do I need to cut the lashes to suit my eyes?
NO – the lashes are pre determined and fit 99% of eyes

How do I remove the Silk Magnetic Eyeliner?
The Silk Magnetic Eyeliner is easily removed using soap & water or your normal facial cleansing products

Is the Silk Magnetic Eyeliner Waterproof?
Yes the Silk Magnetic Eyeliner is Waterproof

Is the Silk Magnetic Lash Eyeliner Vegan?
Yes the Silk Magnetic Lash Eyeliner is Vegan

Is the Magnetic Lash Eyeliner tested on Animals?
No the Silk Magnetic Eyelash Liner is not tested on Animals

Is there a video on “How to apply”?
Yes please go to the Silk youtube Channel for info

Can I apply the Silk Fibre Magnetic Eyelashes over the top of lash extensions?
Absolutely, the Silk Magnetic Lashes will not affect your lash extensions if applied correctly